Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations

The full story of Delgado’s impact would take years to tell.

One hundred years of history. Many thousands of living alumni, scattered across the country and around the globe. Hundreds of students and faculty, each following a unique path.

Where would you even begin?

Good question.

This is why Delgado has a brand. Our brand is a shorthand for telling an incredible story, a way of capturing and conveying thousands of touchpoints—with a single, unified, cohesive message.

The Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations (CMPR) is the official nurturer and guardian of the Delgado brand. We are responsible for all Delgado Community College communications including media relations, marketing and advertising, publications, the College website, social media, emergency communications, and promotion of special events.

Mission Statement

The primary function of the Delgado Community College Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations is to assist in articulating the mission, vision, and values of the College, for both internal and external audiences. CMPR helps to facilitate College communications through research, content development, and distribution—designed to document, promote, and advance the mission of Delgado Community College.

Professionals Serving a Thriving Institution

The Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations team is relatively small, yet we produce thousands of products every year. And we do our best to provide top-quality results on each and every one of these.

We serve a flagship institution of higher education in a major media market. Delgado's market presence is immense--on par with schools like Tulane, LSU, and UNO--and this team's ability to fulfill the responsibilities of communicating on behalf of so many people and activities comes from our:

1.  Experience

2.  Knowledge

3.  Professionalism

4.  Work Ethic

We do many things for many people for many reasons. We take pride in not saying "no" to any reasonable request. We are grateful when we receive a compliment, and we take criticism seriously and use it to improve.

We recognize that no matter how much we are able to achieve, the need remains great for more achievement, and more support, for telling the Delgado story. Our team welcomes the potential for growth and additional success in the years ahead.