About Facilities and Planning

The hard working staff of Facilities and Planning strive to build, maintain, and improve Delgado Community College. This is accomplished through planning and implementing a Master Plan for new facility construction and improvement projects, as well as the services we offer, such as housekeeping, maintenance, property control, receiving, event set-up, HVAC, electric, painting, and safety. Our ongoing efforts are made possible through a team effort with the faculty, staff, and students as our institution continues to grow.

We have dedicated employees who are committed to the upkeep and safety of our College. You can get to know them through the staff section of our website where you will find our organizational chart and contact lists. Our facilities administration, planning, and project management team members work extensively to improve and build facilities at every location of Delgado Community College. 

Please check out our Safety Division where you will find information regarding policies and procedures as well as Hurricane Preparedness. This department continues to offer an immense amount of safety information. Here is some extended information regarding our area:

Building Services

The Building Services department has a custodial staff of 32 who, along with contracted cleaning service companies, service 1.1 million square feet of building area that includes classrooms, offices, hallways, and restrooms. The Floor Crew cleans all carpet, hardwood, tile, and stone area flooring in buildings. The Moving Crew handles all special event set-ups on site, and also facilitates all moves at Delgado Community College’s locations.

The department is customer-focused with well-trained staff members who work diligently to keep facilities clean for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

If you have questions or need additional information about our services, please contact building services at (504) 671-5414. If you would like to request service to be done, please log on to the Delgado Community College ServiceNow and complete a work order. 

The Grounds and Landscape Department maintains the grounds, trees, irrigation, plants, and refuse on campus. Our department is broken down into three groups, which are listed below with some examples of the work we perform.

Horticulture and Project  - manages crews that install and maintain landscaping in flower and ornamental beds, irrigation systems, drainage systems, and grounds protection, such as bollards, fencing, and other forms of hard and soft landscaping, as well as project design and implementation. The team also performs equipment repairs and preventive maintenance.

Grounds - manages crews that plant and maintain turf and fields, edge concrete walks and curbs, hedge and prune ornamental plants, place mulch, blow off hard surfaces and handicap ramps, string trim, apply chemicals for weed and pest control, clean drains on streets and walks, pick up litter and limbs, spread and level soil, as well as perform all general labor as needed. 

Solid Waste and Recycle - manages programs and systems to provide locations with solid waste disposal, recycling both outside and inside of buildings, event support for litter and temporary facilities, exterior event recycling, and solid waste removal. The Grounds Department is the College’s liaison to the Delgado community for operational sustainability of all recycling efforts. 

Maintenance Department

The mission of the Maintenance Department is to support the College’s mission, goals, and objectives by providing guidance and support to our community. By fulfilling the mission, we:

  • Maximize physical space college-wide, matching needs with facilities to better ensure safety and environment conducive to learning.
  • Maintain existing buildings and structures as well as build new areas to accommodate growth of the College community.
  • Assist in educating and training our skilled staff members.

Safety, Risk Management

The Delgado Community College Office of Safety and Risk Management serves to collaborate with the campus community, identify and assess risk, increase safety, and decrease potential loss while advancing the mission of the College.  This is accomplished by:

  • Understanding the safety needs and priorities of the College community.
  • Developing materials and resources to provide guidance to the College community.
  • Providing education through training and assessments.
  • Assisting the campus community with regulatory compliance by identifying opportunities to improve the safety of the campus community.

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