Driver Safety Program

Delgado's Driver Safety Program is designed to protect the health and welfare of employees, reduce the number and severity of accidents and thereby minimize the financial impact on the college and the state.  Employees authorized to operate College vehicles must complete Defensive Driving training within three months of employment, and every three years thereafter.  Drivers who are not authorized will not be allowed to drive a college vehicle nor be eligible for reimbursement if they use a private vehicle, in accordance with the College's Professional Leave and Travel policy.

The Defensive Driver's Training course is now offered online and can be taken at any time.

Online Course

Access and complete the online Defensive Driver's Training course.  Employee participation in the course is delineated in Delgado's Driver Safety Program policy.

Once you've completed the course, please print your certificate, print and fill out the Driving Authorization Form and send both along with a copy of your driver's license via inter-office mail to Campus Police located in Building 38.  When your certificate and driver's license copy is received, we will process it by checking your official driving record.  We will forward your signed copy of the certificate once the process is complete