Strategic Goal Three: Organizational Effectiveness

Goal III-A Embrace Cultural Transformation


III-A.1 Optimize employee engagement
III-A.2 Develop and institute communication channels to internal stakeholders, ensuring that all are aware of activities and updates
III-A.3 Create a positive, supportive work environment for all
III-A.4 Promote a culture of collaboration among all members of the Delgado family

Goal III-B Ensure Transparency, Efficiency, and Accountability


III-B.1 Review programs and curricula to ensure relevancy and viability
III-B.2 Acquire and utilize a student advising tracking system and degree audit program
III-B.3 Engage in strategic budget planning to align activities with strategic priorities
III-B.4 Build an internal communications structure
III-B.5 Create a communications system that allows for deeper and more meaningful relationships with external partners

Goal III-C Ensure a Sustainable College


III-C.1 Allocate financial resources to align activities with strategic priorities
III-C.2 Design and implement a systematic approach to grants development and management
III-C.3 Cultivate a financial aid process that reduces barriers to federal, state, and private student funding
III-C.4 Create and implement a targeted fund development plan
III-C.5 Develop and implement a capital campaign for the College
III-C.6 Building on the comprehensive facilities utilization plan, develop a proactive facilities maintenance schedule