LCTCS Faculty and Staff Awards 2020

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LCTCS President’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Kristopher LaMorte

Professor of Theatre and Assistant Department Chair for Arts and Humanities

In the classroom, Mr. LaMorte is beyond exceptional. He possesses the rare blend of compassion, professionalism, energy, and a keen interest in student success. He consistently encourages students to think critically and empowers them to find their own creativity. He is constantly perfecting his teaching skills by receiving professional development on the latest techniques and instructional modalities. This past year, Mr. LaMorte was the recipient of the Seymour Weiss Excellence in Teaching Award. This award is given to Delgado faculty members recognized for distinguished teaching.  Also, “The Boys Next Door," a play directed by Mr. LaMorte, was nominated for the Big Easy Award for the Best University Production. 

Mr. LaMorte understands the numerous responsibilities students have outside of the classroom; therefore, in addition to serving as Professor of Theatre and Assistant Department Chair, he makes time to serve on numerous committees and task forces that are related to student access and success.  A few of these committees and task forces include Chair of the City Park Student Technology Enhancement Program Committee (this committee is responsible for providing technical and instructional resources for students), and Chair of the Second Start Committee (which is instrumental in developing innovative course scheduling for students). Mr. LaMorte also serves as an active member of the General Education Assessment Committee.

beatrice headshotOutstanding Faculty

Beatrice Eweni

Associate Professor of Nursing (10 years)

Beatrice Eweni, Ph.D. has been employed at the Delgado Community College Charity School of Nursing since August 2010. She is currently an Associate Professor on the second level of the nursing curriculum. According to a colleague, Dr. Eweni is "a force to reckon within the classroom." Another colleague noted: “Dr. Eweni has a gift for teaching. Even with English as her second language, she can translate complex materials into simple terms.” Dr. Eweni’s presence at Delgado Charity School of Nursing is not limited to the classroom. She is the chair of the admissions/progressive committee, teaches clinical overload at the hospital, takes students to health fairs, leads discussion  group, and has a passion for helping others whenever possible. Dr. Eweni is a graduate of the University of the State of New York, the University of Nigeria-Nsukka, Phoenix University, and Walden University, where she received her Associate of Nursing, Bachelor of Education, Master’s in Nursing, and Doctorate in Nursing, respectively. Dr. Eweni is the mother of four adult children, two sons, and two daughters, and has been married for 35 years. She enjoys spending quality time with her family whenever she is not assisting others.

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Outstanding Professional Staff

Karen Laiche

Policy and Accreditation Specialist (30 years)

Karen Laiche began her career at Delgado Community College on April 30, 1990. She currently serves as the college’s Policy and Accreditation Specialist. Her role with the college includes overseeing and facilitating the coordination of a comprehensive and systematic policy and procedures development, review, and approval process, and the corresponding policy web system ensuring expeditious updates of college-wide and internal/department policies and procedures. She serves on the accreditation leadership team and writes/develops narratives and evidential documents for SACSCOC accreditation reporting, audit and compliance responses, assessment plans, and policies and procedures. Laiche also serves as a resource person for senior leadership, accreditation compliance team, programmatic accreditation, as well as the entire college community, for policy/regulations/law research, accreditation, external audits, and general policy matters. She is a dedicated, dependable, and hard-working employee who consistently goes above and beyond to assist everyone at the college and in the community. Her impeccable memory of Delgado’s history is another reason she is well deserving of this honor. In addition to being the mother of three beautiful girls which she is very proud of, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband bike riding and kayaking.

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Outstanding Professional Support Staff

Eddie Ahern

Lab Assistant (30 years)

Eddie Ahern is a true Delgado Community College legend and fixture. Before his Delgado tenure began, Eddie was a drummer in a rock-n-roll band, living in Hollywood, chasing the rock star dream. Tragedy struck when he was hit by a car and broke both of his arms. He returned home to New Orleans to recuperate. In 1990, he walked in off the streets looking for a job and was hired to work in the English Composition Lab, which at the time was equipped with tiny Macintosh computers. Eddie supplied technical help for students who had never seen a computer in their lives, and gave workshops for English classes whose instructors scheduled them at the lab. This was the pre-internet, floppy disk era. In 1994, the Writing Center expanded and the English Department built its first computer classroom. Ahern became the Communication Division’s Lab Assistant and supported the Writing Center, the computer classroom, and the Division faculty, who, like our students, were just being introduced to the computer. Because of his energy and work ethic, he began to take on other duties, often eager to do whatever was asked. He got to know everyone at Delgado, including many students, and has a knack for remembering everyone's name. To this day, Ahern goes beyond his job description to serve the Delgado faculty, students, staff, visitors, and parents--absolutely anyone who needs help. Over the years, he has become somewhat of a do-It-all employee. Though his job title remains Lab Assistant, in addition to providing divisional tech support, Ahern does so much more. He helps students navigate the college, he delivers mail, he moves furniture, he answers phones, he directs traffic. He is the exemplar of an outstanding employee for he is willingness to help all of the Delgado family, something he has done everyday since he first walked through the doors in 1990. He is the campus rock star.

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Distinguished Retiree

Anne Van Winkle

Administrative Program Specialist (35 years)

Anne Van Winkle retired from Delgado Community College after 35 years of dedicated service. In her final position as Administrative Program Specialist A, she served as an assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs. Throughout her tenure at Delgado, her role has grown in complexity with an increasing impact on the Business and Administrative Affairs units and the college as a whole. Her current duties always supported the operation, coordination and management of budgets, contracts/grants, and purchasing/payables, while ensuring compliance with federal and state agencies. Ms. Van Winkle served as a liaison between the Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs with executives/managers, college departments, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System Office, the Office of Facility Planning and Control, and the Office of State Procurement, as well as other outside vendors and contractors. She provided excellent bookkeeping support for the Delgado Community College Foundation for a number of years. Always willing to serve and volunteer during her tenure, she also served as President of the Delgado Classified Employees Association and as a volunteer on multiple event planning committees for functions hosted by the College. Ms. Van Winkle is married with three children and is very active with her eight grandchildren.