Faculty Senate

The mission of the Delgado Community College Faculty Senate is to be the representation of faculty and students relevant to college policy and procedures. Its purpose is: (1) to provide a continuous and integrated survey of the educational and professional needs of the faculty, students, and college, and after setting priorities, to develop and implement programs aimed at meeting those needs; (2) to serve as a permanent structure for constructive dialogue amongst faculty, administration, and stakeholders so that all can work in close cooperation as a forward-moving college; and (3) to collaborate with and to effectively implement the guidelines and directives given by the college chancellor and other designated representatives. The Delgado Community College Faculty Senate shall be a consultative body whose policies and decisions require a majority vote of senators to become effective. 


 All Faculty are members of this organization and should reach out to your Senate Representative with any issues or concerns. 

2023-2024 Faculty Senators 

first name last name department
Jordan Adams Science & Math (CP) 
Malene   Arnaud-Davis  Science & Math (CP) 
Laila   Bicksler  Science & Math (WB) 
Dorie  Cavey  Communication (CP) 
Candace  Clanton  At Large 
Terri   Diaz  Allied Health 
Dustin  Dirickson Academic Support 
Kathy   Favret  Communication (CP) 
Clare   Geisen  Arts & Humanities (CP) 
Darryl   Hippensteel  Arts & Humanities (WB) 
Tracy  Harris  Nursing  
E. Shaye  Hope  At Large 
Joe   Howard  Communication (WB) 
Larisia   Jones  Technology 
Pamela  Kemp Nursing 
Tammy  Kliebert Allied Health 
Tara   La France  At Large 
Kristopher  LaMorte  Arts & Humanities (CP) 
Shawn  Llopis  Science & Math (CP) 
Mike   Majors  Arts & Humanities (CP) 
Monica   Mankin  Communication (CP) 
Lyle (Chris)  McDonald  Technology 
Matt  Palumbo  Science & Math (CP) 
Renee  Randall  Allied Health 
Philip   Reppel  Science & Math (WB) 
Anne   Riley  Business & Technology (CP) 
Audra   Rouse  Communication (CP) 
Shena   Sanders  Nursing  
Joseph   St. Paul  Business & Technology (CP) 
Jimmy   Stevens  Allied Health 
Dan   Summitt  Business & Technology (WB) 
Nell Toomer  Business 
Dai   Trang  Science & Math (CP) 
Kim   Uddo  Nursing  
Robert "Bob"   Warren  Business & Technology (CP) 
Betty   Wolff  Nursing  
Sharon Ziadeh  Science & Math (CP)