SGA Appropriations Guidelines

If the appropriation request is approved, SGA will be acknowledged as a sponsor. 

  1. Fully complete application. Application will NOT be processed if any requested information has been omitted.
  2. All applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the date needed.
  3. All grant (appropriation) requests must be submitted before March 11 and executed before April 30; no late proposals will be accepted.
  4. Grant (appropriation) preferences will be given to on-campus events.
  5. Funds will NOT be used to:
    • Purchase alcoholic beverages.
    • Reimburse individuals for expenses (No personal checks will be issued.)
  6. Once the application has been submitted, the SGA has 7 days to act. Once the SGA makes a decision, the requester will be notified of the status of the application within 5-7 days.

The Student Government Association will NOT consider any applications received less than 3 weeks prior to the event’s date/date needed. It is recommended that applications be submitted sooner than later. 

Important Tips for Completing the Request

When requesting SGA funding, please list the amount of money your department or organization is contributing. Please explain any other contribution from your department or organization. (Ex. Our department is providing all copies, event staffing, and advertising for the event. Our organization is contributing $100 for cake.) 

*This is list is not exhaustive. 

When requesting SGA funding for food for an on-campus event, contact the college's contracted caterer. Click for Caterer Obtain a quote for your order. Use the quote to complete the Appropriations Application. The application must include an itemized listing of all requested items. (Ex. 1 can of nacho cheese, 3 bags of chips, 5 gallons of iced tea totaling $120.) Incomplete applications will automatically be denied. 

When requesting SGA funding for food for an off-campus event, the application must include an itemized quote from the vendor. Incomplete applications will automatically be denied

*This is list is not exhaustive. 

When requesting SGA funding for travel, the application must include itemized quote for items requesting funding. (Ex. airfar, meals, hotels, conference registration fees, etc.) Incomplete applications will automatically be denied.

When requesting SGA funding for supplies for an event, the application must include itemized quote for all items requested. (Ex. 1 pack of certificate paper, 20 red ballons, 3 boxes of blue pens, etc.) Incomplete applications will automatically be denied.

*This is list is not exhaustive.