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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is designed for business owners who have a business poised for growth. We look for applicants who are passionate about growing their business, creating jobs in their communities, and who generally meet these criteria:

  • Owner or co-owner of a business
  • Business in operation for at least two years
  • Business revenues above $75,000 in the most recent fiscal year
  • Business with a minimum of two employees (including the owner)


How the Program Works

To get the most out of the program, business owners are asked to invest their time to engage in the following:

  • Attend a program orientation
  • Complete 16 convenient learning sessions
  • Participate in out-of-class activities, including completing assignments, attending networking events and business support clinics (approximately 6–8 hours per week)
  • Create a growth plan over the course of the program

Application Process

2 Step Application Process

Our applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  The application is a two-step process.  Upon submission of your application, you will receive an email confirming its receipt and an additional follow-up with the cohort for which you are being considered. 

Create an account to access Part 1 of the online form.  The application is an initial assessment designed to help us understand you, your business, and why you are interested in the program.  The form takes about 5 minutes to complete.  Start the application process by clicking apply now button below.

Apply Now

Following your submission, all candidates will be notified regarding their application status, and whether they will advance as a finalist to the interview round.   We receive numerous applications so please be patient as we communicate with every applicant.

If selected for an interview, you will be asked to complete the interview addendum, which includes additional questions along with the request for the submission of supporting documentation.  All information submitted is private and kept confidential. 


  • Copy of your driver's license or copies of both your state/national ID and passport
  • Year-end Balance Sheet
  • Year-end Profit & Loss Statement
  • Year-to-date Balance Sheet
  • Year-to-date Profit & Loss Statement
  • Legal Entity Certification - please note a copy of any one of the following is acceptable: Document of Legal Entity, Business Certification form, or Articles of Incorporation
  • Most recent federal business tax return - please note a copy of any one of the following is acceptable: Form 1065, Form 1120-S, or Schedule C Proof of ownership - please note a copy of any one of the following is acceptable: Stock Certificate, Schedule B (filed with Form 1065), Schedule E (filed with form 1120), or Schedule K-1 (filled with Form 1065 or form 1120-S)


Once you have submitted all of the addendum requested, we will send an email with the interview date and time.  This will be a panel interview and will last about 25 minutes. If you are ready to start the application process, click the apply now button below.

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Accepting Applications for 2024 Sessions

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program at Delgado Community College is now accepting applications for 2024 sessions.


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