Commercial Electrician

The Commercial Electrician C.T.S. Program is designed to prepare students for commercial entry-level electrician positions. Building and equipping electrical power generating plants, installation and servicing of electrical systems for stores, homes, and office buildings that use electrical energy for heating, lighting, cooling are other operations among the career opportunities for which students will prepare.

The need for a commercial electrician as oppose to a residential electrician is the fact that commercial buildings require a different type of electrical work, mainly based on the fact that a lot more electricity is needed in comparison to a residential building. Our Commercial Electrician program focuses on commercial wiring, motors, transformers, generators, raceways, and National Electric Code (NEC) standards. Students will learn the knowledge and skills needed to install, repair, and maintain commercial electrical systems.

student working on a panelboardLocations

Commercial Electrician courses take place at the Sidney Collier Site.


As the name suggests, commercial electricians work in commercial places and properties, such as retail stores, schools and office buildings. The average salary for an electrician in Louisiana is $24.43 per hour/$50,810 per year (LA Workforce Commission, Occupational Wage Data, 2016). 


See the Official Program Description in the College Catalog.

See the Commercial Electrician advising sheet here.

Program Duration

It takes approximately 9 months to complete the Commercial Electrician program.