Precision Machining

female student using percision machineThe Precision Machining Certificate of Technical Studies (C.T.S.) Program prepares individuals to shape metal parts on machines such as lathes, grinders, drill presses, milling machines, as well as computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. The program includes making computations for dimensions, cutting feeds and speeds, using precision measuring instruments, laying out parts, and heat treatment of metals.

Located at the Delgado River City Site is the Advanced Manufacturing Center, which provides a fully equipped laboratory with Integrated Systems Technology (IST) that combines hands-on skills training with curriculum, as well as industry-based certifications, simulated and virtual training and online multimedia access. 


Precision Machining classes are held at the River City Site.


Machinists can work in a number of areas including medical and biotechnology manufactories, prototype and tool-making manufactories, parts-production and parts repair facilities, or as machine shop operators.

The average salary for a machinist in Louisiana is $23.80 per hour/$49,502 per year (LA Workforce Commission, Occupational Wage Data, 2016).


See the Official Program Description in the College Catalog.

See the Precision Machining advising sheet here.

Program Duration

It takes approximately 9 months to complete the Precision Machining program.