Steps for Admission

  1. Contact the Automotive Department at 504-671-6191 to make an appointment.
  2. Once you have chosen a program of interest, make an appointment to talk to a Program Coordinator and tour the facilities. (See contact information at bottom of form)
  3. Apply to Delgado Community College.
  4. Speak with/email the Program coordinator/Advisor of the program you chose to help you Register your classes.
  5. Complete financial aid/scholarship information as soon as possible to ensure funds are available for registration.  Applications for financial aid are available at   Payment plans are available if a student does not qualify for financial aid/scholarships.
  6. Arrange for a sealed copy of your high school transcript to be sent to the Registrar at Delgado 504-671-5603
  7. If you are not exempt from the college placement test, complete testing as soon as possible.  ACT test scores can be sent to  Remote testing for the Accuplacer Placement Test is now available. Students can sign up via RegisterBlast and must have a computer with webcam access. For more information about placement tests visit the testing and assement page of the website.  
  8. Students are strongly encouraged to have a basic set of hand tools before classes begin. Tools are provided for classes on campus but will be required for the Work Experience classes. So, students should be prepared to purchase tools as they progress through the program.  Tool vendors are available to offer discounts to students while enrolled in classes.
  9. Manufacturer (Ford, GM) programs require a student to be sponsored by a dealership.  Program coordinators may suggest a dealership/business to visit.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to secure their sponsorship. When applying for a sponsorship, students should dress appropriately for an interview and have a well-groomed appearance.     
  10. Students entering a manufacturer program must have a clean driving record, be able to pass a background check and be able to pass a drug test.  Students cannot have a felony on their record as a felony prevents a dealership/business from bonding a student with their insurance to drive customer vehicles.
  11. Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree programs require students to take both academic and automotive classes.  Ford ASSET and GM ASEP are Associate Degree programs therefore students must complete the AAS curriculum.
  12. The Comprehensive Automotive Program and Collision Program offer 1 year (CTS) Certificates of Technical Studies as well as 2 year AAS degrees.  Web training from Audi, Chrysler, Subaru, Volvo, and Toyota are offered in the Comprehensive program.   
  13. Once enrolled in a program, it is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their requirements for graduation and to apply for graduation.  Students can track courses taken through DegreeWorks Dashboard in LoLA. Students should take ASE tests after completing each corresponding class to achieve ASE certification.

teacher showing students how to replace a window on a car

Automotive Program Coordinators

Department Chair Donald Davenport  504-671-6191 
Ford ASSET Chris McDonald 504-671-6493  
GM ASEP Mike Anding 504-671-6193
Comprehensive Automotive  Richard Vargas   504-671-6731
  Tony Devillier 504-671-5648
Collision Repair George Torlage 504-671-6194