The Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations handles all advertising for the College, including institutional advertising for registration periods, programs and events, and promotional and marketing collateral.

All advertising promoting the College and its programs must be cleared through the Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations. Creating and placing advertising without oversight from CMPR is a serious violation of College and LCTCS policies and may result in disciplinary action.

Developing the annual advertising plan involves analysis of enrollment data to determine target audiences, matching these to appropriate media outlets, negotiating schedules and prices, crafting messaging and creative design and production for online, radio, television, outdoor, and print ads.  Annual advertising budgets are negotiated and secured at the beginning of the fiscal year; funding for advertising is never guaranteed and is determined by many factors impacting the College’s operating budget.  All advertising must be consistent with the College's overall marketing campaign strategy, using approved themes, tag lines, and designs.