Web Content Development

Professional communicators in the Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations design, produce, and maintain the College’s official website, www.dcc.edu, including site navigation, links, and templates for College-related web pages. Included are web pages for individual units, departments, and organizations.

The CMPR team maintains and updates the College’s website content daily, working with all constituents of the College to provide information resources online. The team works closely with the Office of Information Technology to maintain the constant flow of online information.

All web pages must adhere to the design and function of the College’s website. Each unit, department, or organization provides a representative to serve as a web page author who works with CMPR to provide content and maintain functionality of their pages.

Information provided to CMPR must be complete and up-to-date before requesting that it be shared on the Delgado website and other online channels. Staff time is valuable, and making changes to copy and images after information has been shared takes away from time available to perform other responsibilities.

With the implementation of Omni Content Management Software, web page authors have increased control over content, with the ability to make changes in a timely manner to keep information relevant and fresh. CMPR provides Omni CMS software training and login account information for the user. All web pages are approved by the College's Web Content Specialist or designee prior to posting.

The CMPR team also develops new ideas for the site by user feedback and recommendations for enhancement. The team encourages you to submit information or report problems to hguidr@dcc.edu.

The College’s website does not accept advertising and, as a rule, does not accept links to exterior sites or pages. Exceptions are made for external links on a case-by-case basis in order to serve students’ needs, such as the link to Barnes and Noble bookstore or other affiliations with the College or LCTCS.