Request for Services Form

1. Submit your request as far in advance of your deadline as possible.  

NOTE: The following timeframes are only suggested minimum approximations, as no production schedule is precise. Take into consideration what your request may entail (purchasing process for requisitions/POs, content creation, photography, printing, etc.) Timelines vary depending upon the type and complexity of the job and the capacity of the CMPR team at the time of the request. We reserve the right to use discretion in accepting or declining requests based on current expectations, strategy, and mission of the College. We mainly accept requests for public-facing promotional content and collateral that raises brand awareness, enhances Delgado’s professional image as a quality institution of higher learning, and supports enrollment.   

  • Brochure: 5+ weeks 
  • Digital ads / graphics: 5+ weeks 
  • Business cards 2+ weeks 
  • Stationery (letterhead / envelopes): 2+weeks 
  • Email blast: 2+ weeks 
  • Event promotion: 2-3 months+ 
  • 8.5x11" flyer: 3+ weeks
  • 11x17" poster: 3+ weeks
  • Postcard / rack card: 3+ weeks 
  • Signs / banners / displays: 6+ weeks 
  • News release: 4+ weeks 
  • Print ads: 5+ weeks 
  • Promotional Items: 8+ weeks 
  • Social media post: 1+ week
  • Website (revision /new page): 1-2+ weeks
  • Photo shoot: requires consultation
  • Video: requires consultation

2. Be as thorough as possible in describing the job. 

3. Carefully review your content before submitting for accuracy, grammar, spelling, etc.