New Employees

Welcome to Delgado Community College! The Office of Human Resources works with each department and division of the College to support your transition into your new role, to orient you to the College, and to ensure your records and benefits are set up accurately so that you start right.

All new employees have an on-boarding process that begins in the Office of Human Resources. The Office will contact the employee to start the new hire process. Here are some resources that will help you prepare:

During the new hire process, you can expect to:

  • Meet your HR Employment Staff in the Administration Building (Building 37, City Park Campus).
  • Be advised and set up your Benefits, Retirement and Withholding preferences that will impact your paycheck.
  • Secure items such as your parking permit, ID, email account, Banner ID, and key(s).
  • Review the standard employee expectations, policies, procedures, and protocols for Delgado Community College.
  • Get an overview of the College culture, events, the holiday, academic, and payroll calendars.

Here are the handbooks and general information regarding your benefits, retirement, and relevant policies for transitioning into your new role:

Here is a Checklist for New Personnel Records Set-Up:

For more information about the College, please visit Delgado Fast Facts, and Delgado's History.