Delgado Alert

Delgado Alert is a state-of-the-art emergency alert system for Delgado Community College students, faculty and staff. Subscribers to Delgado Alert will receive timely notifications on mobile devices and email accounts in the event of an emergency. 

Emergency messages and updates will also continue to be posted to

Any Delgado student, faculty member, or staff member can receive emergency notifications on a mobile device when they sign up for Delgado Alert. Text messaging charges may apply, depending upon subscriber’s carrier. 

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Emergency situations can happen at any time.

Register now for Delgado Alert so that important information can be provided directly to you in times of emergency. Delgado Alert is reserved exclusively to communicate critical details that you need to know when there are College closures or other interruptions in operations or services due to weather conditions, issues with facilities, or other unforeseen circumstances. Messages will be sent from either the Delgado Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations Office or Campus Police.

If you have already registered, log on to Delgado Alert now and make certain your registration is still active. Re-registration is required periodically. Please note that the Delgado Alert emergency notification system is separate and independent of Delgado’s user name and password authentication for Delgado email and LoLA (Delgado’s online student portal).  

The Delgado Alert system has a strict anti-spam policy, which prohibits unsolicited messages. Delgado Alert does not sell subscriber lists to third parties.  The service is free of charge to subscribers. However, text messaging charges may apply.

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