Think 30

Delgado associate degrees require 60 or more credit hours. National data shows that students who complete 30 hours or more per year are more likely to graduate on time. Commit today!

Why Should I Think 30?

Earning 30 credits within your first year in college will provide major advantages. You will save money, and you will increase your chances of graduating.

Saving Money

Taking 30 credits per year can save you money. While you are in college, you are not just paying for the extra costs of college, but you are missing out on the opportunity to earn higher wages.

Infographic describing the opportunity costs associated with earning an associates degree more slowly.

Opportunity cost data taken from "Do the Math" How Opportunity Costs Multiply Tuition" - Forbes, May 21, 2014. Tuition and fees calculated based on Spring 2017 catalog.

Increased Chance of Graduating

Taking 30 credits within your first year of college can really increase your chances of graduating on time.

Infographic describing the power of 30 credits earned during first year of college.
Data compiled from Complete College America, May 2017.

The Think 30 logo with the slogan "Decide", "Commit", and "Complete".

 How Do I Think 30?

1. Review the academic catalog and find your degree plan.

To see a list of programs that Delgado offers, visit the academic catalog, and click on Academic Programs by Division.

2. Meet with your advisor and get started.

Your academic advisor can help you plan which classes to take each semester. Learn more about advising.

3. Earn your degree in two years!

Congratulations on your accomplishment. Enjoy your new life as a college graduate!

Options for Graduating on Time

   Fall semester  Fall MiniMester  Spring Semester Spring  MiniMester Summer Semester Annual Total
Full-Time +  15    15     30 Credits
Full-Time With Summer  12    12   6 30 Credits
Full-Time With Minimester  12  3  12 3   30 Credits
Full and Part-Time Mixed 15   9   6 30 Credits