Student Resources

The Office of Student Accessibility Services provides accommodations to students who meet the Eligibility Requirements for Accommodations.  Students interested in requesting accommodations should see How to Request Accommodations. To receive accommodations, students are responsible for following the procedures as published in the Office of Student Accessibility Services Student Handbook.

Accommodations may include but are not limited to: extended time in class and for testing, distraction-free/ distraction-reduced environment, readers, scribes, oral tests, assistive technologies, etc.  Students interested in testing accommodations should follow the procedures as outlined on Accommodated Testing (Proctoring Services).

In accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidelines on Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility, the College ensures accessibility to electronic and information technology resources to persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities have access to these resources, which include “computer hardware, software, networks, and peripherals as well as many electronic and communications devices commonly used in offices.” The Office of Student Accessibility Services ensures accessibility of electronic and information technology resources, as well as the availability of training for these resources, to persons with disabilities at the College.

For more information regarding services available to students, see the Office of Student Accessibility Services Description of Services.