High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)

Delgado Community College is a state approved testing center for the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET).  The Office of Advising & Testing administers the computerized version of the test, a paper and pencil option is not available at our testing centers.

Who is eligible to take this test?

To take the HiSET exam in the state of Louisiana, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age to take the HiSET exam. Individuals who are 16–18 years old must provide all of the following additional documentation to be eligible to test:
    • Withdrawal from K–12 system
    • Enrollment in and/or authorization by an approved WorkReady U literacy program
    • A passing score on the half-length High School Equivalency Practice Test
    • 16 and 17 year olds only — an approved age waiver or documentation of current enrollment in a state approved Louisiana Options/Connections program. Download the waiver form (PDF).

Additional Policies

You do not have to be a resident of Louisiana to take the HiSET exam.

All applicants must present state and/or government-issued identification on test day at the HiSET test center. State and/or government-issued ID may include driver's licenses, valid passports, military IDs, or other forms of government-issued identification that show name, address, date of birth, signature and photograph are acceptable forms of identification. Outdated or expired identification will not be accepted.

The state of Louisiana requires test preparation or instruction and authorization to test for eligible students 16–18 years of age. See additional policies below.

Practice Test

If you are 19 years of age or older: you do not have to take and pass a practice test to qualify to take the HiSET exam.

If you are 16–18 years of age: you must qualify to take the HiSET exam by taking the half-length HiSET Practice Test and scoring a minimum of 8 on each subtest, with an overall score of 45. Qualifying scores on the half-length HiSET Practice Test are certified by state-approved WorkReady U sites of instruction. Any state-approved WorkReady U literacy provider may recommend an individual to take the HiSET exam. For a list of State-approved WorkReady U literacy providers, please visit the WorkReady U website.

What subjects are covered on the test?

The HiSET exam consists of five subtests:

  1. Language Arts - Reading
  2. Language Arts - Writing
  3. Mathematics
  4. Social Studies
  5. Science

Which Delgado locations offer this test?

The HiSET exam is offered at the City Park and West Bank Campuses.

What’s the cost of the test?

The cost to take the full battery (all five subtests) is $90.  The cost is $26 for one individual subtest.

Are there study/preparation materials?

Yes! Please visit the ETS HiSET website for test prep materials.

What HiSET scores do I need to pass?

To pass the HiSET you must do all three of the following:

  1. Attain a score of at least 8 on each subtest
  2. Score at least a 2 on the essay portion of the writing test
  3. Attain at least a 45 combined score for all five subtests

How do I check available dates and sign up for the HiSET exam?

Please visit the ETS HiSET website and the Louisiana Community and Technical College (LCTCS) WorkReady-U website more information regarding eligibility and scheduling information.

What happens after I test?

After you finish the HiSET your unofficial scores are displayed immediately for all multiple choice sections.  On average, official scores are posted within:

  • 3-5 business days for multiple choice sections
  • 6-10 business days for the Language Arts – Writing subtest due to the essay section

Your scores are available through your HiSET account, and they are not sent through the mail.  If you need an official Comprehensive Score Report sent to a third party, contact ETS at 1-855-MyHiSET (1-855-694-4738).

Contact Us

City Park Campus
Building 2, Room 302
(504) 671-5080
West Bank Campus
LaRocca Hall, Room 303
(504) 762-3198
River City Site
Building A, Room 238
(504) 342-3412


No personal items, including but not limited to, mobile phones, hand-held computers/personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices, pagers, smart watches, purses, firearms or other weapons, hats (and other non-religious head coverings), bags, books, and/or notes are allowed in the testing rooms. You must store all personal items in a secure area as indicated by the Testing Center staff or return them to your vehicle. If you refuse to store your personal items, you will be unable to test. 

The only thing you are required to have on test day is your state and/or government issued photo ID.