Fire Blast Industrial Training Props

Delgado Maritime and Industrial Training Center Acquires Four New Fire Blast Industrial Training Props

The Delgado Maritime and Industrial Training Center, located in New Orleans, has recently installed four new training props from Fire Blast. These advanced training props provide multiple challenges to the firefighter along with exceptional levels of safety. These clean burning exercises allow for many possibilities for learning or reinforcing essential skills at all levels of emergency response personnel.

This equipment provides multiple safety interlocks and the ability to instantly stop the burning at any time by several means.

Leaking flanges fire training equipment

Leaking Flanges Fire

This exercise simulates a common occurrence in many industries., a broken flange or flanges (up to four). Each flange is connected to a working OS &Y valve that is closed to stop the flow of gas. This provides a scalable response opportunity using effective streams to control or capture leak.

As with all of the Fire Blast equipment, the fire can be stopped instantly for safety reasons.



Dip tank fire training equipment

Dip Tank Fire

For the coating and plating industry, this provides an opportunity to manage alternative methods of extinguishment in the event of a failure or ineffective fixed system response.

For any fire team, it provides an opportunity to practice close approach to a large propane fire.

Spill fire training equipmentSpill Fire With Transformer

This exercise provides an opportunity for students to advance hose lines on a significant spill fire.





LP gas tank with pool fire and relief valve training equipment

LP Gas Tank With Pool Fire and Relief Valve

This prop is constructed from an actual 500 gallon propane tank and is accurate in all respects. It can produce a pool fire under it. The relief valve can be triggered by the instructor at any time.

This provides an excellent opportunity to practice safe management of propane tank fires.

If you are interested in utilizing this equipment or any other services provided by the Maritime and Industrial Training Center, please contact Ricky Heyd at 504-671-6624 for details and scheduling.