Reduced Tuition Opportunities



Want to get $1,000 off the cost of your training course? 

Salta law Firm is committed to provide financial assistance to mariners, who seek to advance their position through maritime training. A scholarship will be awarded randomly on the first of each month; the winner will be awarded $1,000 toward courses at Delgado's Maritime Center. Applying is easy and free!

Please click on the link:  to access the online application and details of the program.


Want to get $1,000 off the cost of your training course? 

Well you can! Since 2013, The Marine Award Program for Seamen (MAPS) has given out at least 18 separate awards every year to help pay for merchant marine training. These awards will range up to $1000, and applying is free.

This program is sponsored by The Young Firm, a maritime law firm in New Orleans that exclusively serves injured maritime workers. In an attempt to provide additional resources and services outside of legal remedy, this award program was developed for those in need of financial aid for merchant marine training. The Young Firm believes the future of the offshore industry is dependent on a competent and well-trained workforce.

Learn more about this award program (MAPS) and eligibility requirements by visiting the program website.

Applications can also be completed via the program's online application.


You can get $500 off the cost of your training course! 

The Maritime Training Scholarship is based on merit, and a $500 award is given out each January, April, July, and October for certain merchant marine occupations. Eligibility requirements include: being a citizen of the U.S., holding a valid TWIC card, and meeting all pre-requisite requirements for the course you wish to take. 

This program is sponsored by Cueria Law Firm, a maritime law firm in New Orleans and St. Mary Parish, that serves injured maritime workers.

Get additional information about this scholarship program, along with eligibility requirements by clicking here

Apply by completing this paper application form which can be submitted online, by fax or by mail. You can also visit to print an application.