Virtual Reality Incident Command Training

Innovative simulation training which provides exercises for crisis professionals at a tactical and strategic level. This XVR Resource Management simulator is specially developed for practicing the logistic aspects of contingency planning across the entire emergency services chain, with the objective of seeing how participants working together, in any given scenario, deal with the efficient deployment of resources.

This is a flexible simulation program in which the instructor develops scenarios to meet specific company needs, and the instructor controls the level of emergency in the scenario. Participants communicate using their regular communication equipment, as well as maps and documentation available in local crisis situations, and receive up-to-date information either from the instructor or directly from the simulator.

The XVR Resource Management simulator operates on one or more linked PC's, whereby each PC displays a single link in the emergency services chain. On his or her screen, a participant sees the information allocated to his or her specific role, for example the area surrounding the disaster zone, the disaster site itself, the number and type of casualties or the number of emergency services workers, vehicles and equipment available.

Delgado is the first training center in the world to deploy XVR Incident Command Simulation solutions in conjunction with their extensive suite of Transas full mission marine simulators.