Campus Learning Resources

 The Delgado Charity School of Nursing is now housed within the Ochsner Center for Nursing and Allied health Building on the City Park Campus.  The brand new, 120,000 square foot, state-of-the art building consists of cutting-edge labs and classrooms, with the capacity for over 1,500 students.  The contemporary, five story building consists of 16 classrooms, 20 small instructional spaces, and instructional labs for each allied health program.  

Computer Lab

The Delgado Charity School of Nursing Computer Laboratories consists of 2, 60-seat computer labs in the Ochsner Center for Nursing and Allied Health Building, a 118-seat computer lab in Building 2, as well as a 72-seat computer lab in Building 2.  A 10-computer ADA lab is also available to students who require special accommodations.  Students take their nursing examinations on computers utilizing a testing program that provides them with experience in answering NCLEX-RN style questions to prepare them for their licensure examination.  In order to allow greater access for students, the computer laboritories are available Monday through Friday.  

Skills Lab

The Charity School of Nursing Skills Laboratories consist of 2, 10-bed, RN Advanced Skills labs, 2, 10-bed RN Basic Skills Labs, a 10-bed LPN Advanced Skills Lab, 7 2-bed LPN Fundamental Skills Labs, and one LPN-Transitions Lab.  All labs are equipped with hospital beds, furnishings, and equipment arranged in simulated patient care units.  There are medical mannequins, models, and durable disposable equipment and supplies for students to practice and deomonstrate nursing procedures.  Nursing skills laboratories are open Monday though Friday, and weekends as needed.  

Virtual Hospital

The Charity School of Nursing Virtual Hospital is a one-of-a kind, 7933 square foot virtual center that consists of fully-equipped patient rooms designed to foster collaboration between nursing and allied health programs, as well as enhance student learning.  The Center consists of the following areas:

  • Two operating rooms
  • A pediatric room and a birthing room
  • One isolation room
  • A Pharmacy area
  • Eight control rooms for simulation capture
  • Two dedicated debriefing rooms with access to small instructional spaces and classrooms
  • A nurse's station
  • Prep and storage areas

The Virtual Hospital is equipped with computer-driven, lifelike models that speak, have heartbeats and pulses, and respond to nursing interventions just as real patients would.  This technology provides opportunities for students to utilize nursing knowledge and critical-thinking skills in real-life scenarios.