CPR Course

Any student interested in doing CPR check-offs through the nursing school can do so on a first come first serve basis.   There are several steps you will need to take to complete CPR with us. 

If interested, you will need to register below:


  1. Check your email for your next step in finishing the application (Create Password).  Log back into the application for admission to finish the application.  
  2. Set up your student online account by clicking here and following the directions:
    1. Input your Student Online Account User Name that was provided in the LoLA credential email you received.
    2. Creat a password by clicking on I don't know my password
    3. Select Verify Information and input your personal information and select Next
    4. Follow instructions to creat a new passwword and select Next
    5. Once password is successfully created, you can log into LoLA
  3. Register for your class in LoLA by following the directions below:
    1. Click Student under Delgado Community College
    2. Under Academic Links, select Registration
    3. Select Register for Classes
    4. Select Term (Fall 2022)
    5. Click on the Level Tab and enter NONCREDIT
    6. Hit Search and locate the class you are looking for - Course Registraiton number is 13881
    7. Click ADD to summary to select the course for registration
    8. Click the Submit button in the Summary Section in the lower right hand side of the screen. 
    9. If all the requirements are met, the status of the course will change from "Pending" to "Registered
  4. Pay for the class in LoLA by following the directions below:
    1. Click the home button and then student (highlighted)
    2. To the right of the page, you will see payment processing
    3. Select Account Summary under My Account
    4. Click Pay Now to make a payment.  
  5. After you pay for your class, you will be emailed a link to Sign-Up Genius. 
  6. Go to the Sign-Up Genius link and select a date and time slot that works for you. This will be your time to come and complete the skills check-off at the Charity Campus. 
  7. In Sign-Up Genius please read the first section, which lets you know the next steps.   
  8. You can begin taking the online CPR course through American Heart at any time prior to your skills check-off day. 

American Heart Process:

  1. Students will need to first take the CPR course online through American Heart.
  2. Go to https://shopcpr.heart.org, in the search bar
  3. Choose HeartCodeBLS
  4. Confirm product that comes up matches AHA product Number: 20-3553.
  5. Pay $32.50.
  6. Complete the online course.

Electronically save or print your certificate once you are done