Personal Assistance for Emergencies and Non-Emergencies

Coronavirus Information: What we can all do 

For Faculty/Staff: Accessing Coronavirus Resources

You can also contact the Employee Assistance Program directly at: 1-800-252-4555

For Everyone:

Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety (brief video)

Mental Wellness Podcasts (Presented by: The University of Florida Counseling Center)

Emotional/Mental Health Crisis Lines

Text "HOME" to 741741 for live trained counselor assistance. For more information, visit HERE

OR call 2-1-1.

Telehealth Therapy (Depaul Community Health Center)

Single Stop

Single Stop is a "one stop shop" for students to get connected to resources that will help keep them in school.

For more information, visit the Single Stop website.

RISCC - Distressed Person or Disciplinary Referral

RISCC stands for Referring Incidences of Student Code and Conduct, and it is used for Distressed Student and Judicial Affairs. If you need to refer someone or yourself to the college for distress or judicial-related matters, submit the Incident Referral Form.

Community Resources

Suicide Prevention Project (Fisher Project/Baton Rouge)

Jefferson Parish Area Resources

New Orleans Area Resources

Drug and Alcohol Resources

Local Resource (University Medical Center)

College Students and Drug Abuse (AddictionCenter)

Financial Recovery during and after Addiction Recovery

Addiction Group (Informational Web Guide)

Health and Human Service Referral Information


Resources for Veterans

Make the Connection

Red Cross

American Red Cross Louisiana

Non-Emergency Disaster Line (ex: Register to Evacuate, Debris Removal)

NOLA 311

Anti-Violence Resources (Title IX)

Anti-Violence Resources - New Orleans Community Resource Guide

College Resources and Information


Information for LGBT Students

LGBT Resources

Apply for Disaster Assistance

Evaluation Services

Evaluation services for Delgado students are now being offered. Services include:

  • Psychological and cognitive testing for assessments of and/or diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or other Learning Disabilities (LD).
  • Reduced testing costs.
  • Health insurance acceptance in some cases.
  • Evaluation results revealing academic strengths and weaknesses, and diagnosis of ADHD or LD.
  • Assistance provided, if necessary, in applying for academic accommodations.

Note: Undergoing an evaluation does not guarantee that a student will be eligible for academic accommodations through Disability Services.

Evaluations are conducted by a clinical psychologist.

Call Brennan Behavior Group at: (504) 833-6730 for more information or appointments.