Graduation Fest


Welcome to the Grad Fest, your one stop center to take care of all your needs prior to graduation. The Grad Fest provides an opportunity for you to get clearance in order to participate and receive your diploma at the Commencement Exercises. At this time, you will be able to finalize any outstanding paperwork; receive clearance from the Office of the Registrar, Bursar Office, and Financial Assistance Office. You will also be able to order your class ring, purchase your cap and gown and announcements. Representatives from the Phi Theta Kappa and Alumni associations will also be present. 

 The following are participating in the Grad Fest:

  • Office of the Registrar
  • Financial Assistance Office
  • Bursar's Office
  • Phi Theta Kappa Association
  • Candid Campus Photography, Inc.
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Balfour
  • Alumni Association 
  • Graduation Survey

Grad Fest Process

The entire process should not take more than an hour. 

Registrar Check-In

Present your Delgado or picture ID to the person at Registrar’s desk to make sure you are on the potential graduate list. The following will take place:

  • Receive a print-out verification slip
  • Check and verify your diploma name, mailing address, email and cell phone number
  • Receive graduation brochure


You will be able to check the following:

  • Financial holds
  • Outstanding balance for the current semester

Financial Assistance

You will receive information for or on how to do the following:

  • Perform an Exit Financial Assistance Interview only if online exit was not completed prior to Gradfest 

Barnes & Noble

Graduation Bundle (Cap, Gown, and Tassel) will be available for purchase. Only cash & credit/debit will be accepted as a form of payment. For information on announcements and class rings, please stop by the Balfour table or visit the bookstore.

Candid Campus Photography, Inc.

A representatives will be available to assist you with picture photos and ordering.  View the website for addtional information regarding packages, personal appointment, etc. 


A Balfour representative will be available to assist you in ordering class rings an personalize invitations. Various samples will be on display.

Phi Theta Kappa

If you are a member of PTK, please add your name to the list so the representative can add your name to the potential graduates. Also, you can request information on how to order your PTK tassel and stole.


A representative will be available to assist you in registering your membership for the Delgado Alumni Association.

Graduation Survey

Complete Grad Survey only if online Grad Survey was not completed prior to GradFest.

Registrar Check-Out

Present your verification slip to receive your 4x6 green card for check-in on graduation day.

Resolution (Registrar's Office)

If applicable, issues with graduation and any additional documents pertaining to graduation.

Your participation is required and appreciated.