Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer is the process by which a student is awarded an associate degree from Delgado Community College after transferring and completing degree requirements at a regionally accredited university or four-year college. This is achieved by combining the credits earned at Delgado with select credits earned at the university or four-year college.

Students who meet all of the following conditions are eligible for reverse transfer: 

  • Must have been previously enrolled at Delgado as a degree-seeking student.
  • Must have not previously earned a college degree.
  • Must have earned a 2.0 or above Delgado grade point average (GPA).
  • Must have completed at least 18 credit hours at Delgado, excluding developmental courses.
  • Must have completed 9 hours in the courses required in the Delgado major.
  • Must have earned a minimum of 25% of the academic program's requirements while in residence at Delgado.
  • Must have earned the credits to fulfill the associate degree in a particular academic program.
  • Must have earned the reverse transfer credits at a regionally accredited university or four-year college.

The associate degree will be determined by the majority of courses that the student has completed at both institutions. The above policy does not require reenrolling at Delgado. Once verified the student is notified regarding his or her eligibility, and upon acceptance the student is awarded the associate degree. There is no charge to the student; however, the student is responsible for considering the impact of the awarded degree on his or her federal financial aid eligibility status.