Delgado Technology Strategic Plan

Delgado Community College Technology Vision 

Focused on a commitment to student success, Delgado Community College creates and sustains a world-class technology environment that provides secure access to exemplary teaching, learning, and services, anytime and any place

Making progress toward the ideal technology state as described in the Technology Vision requires making numerous difficult decisions and choices. Because future decisions and choices should not take place in isolation of what is being accomplished in other areas or functions of the institution, standards were developed that can be used to assist in the decision-making process. 

The purpose of developing Technology Guiding Principles is to reflect on how institutional members should relate to one another, how they should operate, and how they should distribute technology resources throughout the organization. In addition, these Technology Guiding Principles are in alignment with Delgado’s Core Values and lend support and definition to the mission of the institution.
As decisions are required, the Principles are utilized to help guide actions when choices are not clear. They are meant to provide a context for consistent decision-making that is focused on doing what needs to be done and in the correct manner.  As decisions present themselves, the principle that speaks to the technology choice will be employed; thus, there is no particular order to the listing below.  

These Technology Guiding Principles align with Delgado’s values and support the institutional mission. 

Delgado Community College Core Values

We, at Delgado Community College, value: 

  • The worth of each individual
  • Lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge
  • Excellence in teaching in an accessible learning-centered environment
  • Meeting the needs of a changing workforce
  • The cultural diversity of our students, faculty, staff, and administration
  • Public trust, and personal and professional integrity and accountability
  • Our responsibility to community, state, nation, and world 

Delgado Community College Technology Guiding Principles

Access: Students, faculty, and staff have a secure, reliable 24/7 access to technologies that are supported, portable, transparent, integrated, convenient, intuitive, and relevant to their educational goals and/or professional responsibilities

Creativity: Dedicated technology resources are necessary to support innovation

Human Capital: The development and support of students, faculty, and staff is sustained by providing a range of technologies, training, and tools

Culture: Technology promotes a positive, nurturing, diverse environment for the dynamic exchange of ideas to support the Delgado mission

Value-Added: Delgado Community College creates a relevant technological environment in which the college experience exceeds expectations

Security: Technology contributes to a protected environment that promotes human safety, property, and data security

See the strategic plan in its entirety: Delgado Technology Strategic Plan 2018-2023