Planning Organization-Sponsored Events

Event Planning

Student Life encourages student organizations to plan events and activities that benefit not only the Delgado community, but the community at large. Event planning is a rewarding and daunting task. If your student organization is planning a large event, the Office of Student Life is here to help. Learn event planning inside and out on or off campus by requesting a special event planning consultation for your group by emailing

On-Campus Events

Recognized student organizations will, upon request, be assigned space on campus to conduct meetings. If a student organization function requires use of additional college facilities, the normal procedure for requesting an official college function will apply. The procedure is as follows:

  • Facilities must be reserved at least two weeks prior to the planned function.
  • If you need to use facilities, send a request to Laura Lindstrom, for City Park and Amy Trainor, for West Bank.

Note: Student Life is only one step in the approval process. The final approval lies with the manager of the facility that you are trying to reserve. Additionally, the requester is responsible for making all arrangements with Building Services, Media Services or Campus Police to have the event set-up and run properly. Any Building Service set-up or requests should be submitted through the online request system.  Please review the On-Campus Events and Functions Policy for specific details.

A few tips from the Office of Student Life:

  • Meeting space will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • To ensure that your event will run smoothly, the requestor is advised to follow up with Media Services and Building Services one week prior to the planned function.
Sponsoring events that have inflatable bouncers, toys and games?

Please read and adhere to the following best practices.

When you contract with a company to provide inflatable bouncers, toys, games, etc, the contracting company must provide Delgado Community College with a certificate of insurance showing that they carry liability insurance in the amount of $2 million and naming Delgado Community College as additionally insured.

Because of the risks involved in many of these amusement items, Delgado has elected to require that the rental company provide staff for set up, tear down, and supervision of the equipment at all times. Delgado Community College students, staff or faculty are not allowed to set up, tear down, or supervise the use of the equipment.

Some toys and outdoor toys (ex. mechanical bulls) are considered high risk and may require special event insurance to be purchased. Also, Delgado may require a signed waiver that communicates risk and indemnification to participants before they access the contracted service. Please contact the Office Student Life for guidance when renting or contracting for this type of equipment, or for questions about what items apply to this best practice.

Off-Campus Events

Student Organizations seeking to hold an event off-campus should submit an Internal Event/Function Request to the Office of Student Life. Forms should be submitted with faculty advisor signatures.

Note: If the proper documentation is not submitted, the event will not be sanctioned by Delgado Community College, and event planners will host the event at their own risk.