Student Organization Travel Guidelines

Using On-Campus Funds

If funds from an on-campus bank account are being used to travel, the College's Travel Pre-Approval and Reimbursement Process must be followed in accordance with the College's Professional Leave and Travel Policy and the Delgado Travel Procedures

Travel Pre-Approval and Reimbursement Process

All requests for pre-approval of travel and for reimbursements must be submitted through Chrome River, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System Office Travel website. See the College's Travel Pre-Approval and Reimbursement Process

Travel tips: 

  • View the Delgado Travel Procedures for a quick explanation on the policy. 
  • Complete all travel pre-approval and reimbursement requirements: Travel Pre-Approval and Reimbursement Process.
  • Every student must complete an Assumption of Risk/Hold Harmless Acknowledgment Form.
    • Advisors please note: The Field Trip form is for class field trips. Student organization travel is not a field trip; it is official travel of student organization members traveling on behalf of the College. Please send a signed copy of the signed Assumption of Risk/Hold Harmless Acknowledgment Form to the Saftey and Risk Manager,, and upload to your Chrome River travel. 
  • Students are never covered for injuries or property damage while traveling to, from or at an event while representing Delgado.  Delgado is covered for liability exposure if the student causes accidental damage to third party property while at an event as long as they are participating on behalf of Delgado.
  • If attending a conference with students, you should get emergency contact information from them in case of a health emergency. Additionally, remind students to bring health insurance cards and information with them in case of an unexpected sickness or injury.
  • Advisors may get travel advances for students' expenses.
  • A list of student’s names that are attending and student ID numbers must accompany the request for travel.
  • Students must sign for any travel reimbursements that they receive. 
  • Request for travel reimbursements must be submitted within five days of returning from the trip.
  • Only employees of the college may drive College vehicles.
  • No personal vehicle mileage can be reimbursed for travel over 99 miles.
  • If travel exceeds 99 miles, a vehicle must be rented through the Travel Office.