Fundraising for Your Organization

Guidelines for scheduling a fundraiser

Student Organizations interested in fundraising must schedule the fundraiser by completing a reservation through EMS

If fundraiser will be on-campus or off-campus

Cash handling procedures

  • Cash is considered to be any type of payment for goods or services including: coins, currency, checks, money orders, credit/debit/gift cards and electronic transfers. 
  • All funds must be delivered to the Bursar's Office upon receipt but no later than three days of receiving funds. All deposits must be accompanied by a completed Bursar's Office deposit slip. Download the deposit slip.
  • The use of checking or other bank accounts by College personnel for depositing College cash is strictly prohibited.
  • The Bursar's Office is responsible for addressing improper or negligent cash handling in accordance with the College's disciplinary procedures.

Guidelines for the sale of food

Because of potential liability issues, student events and fundraising activities involving prepared food not supplied by the College’s contracted food services providers are limited to baked goods, prepackaged food, or food provided from a licensed caterer. All prepackaged food must be heated or warmed based on the recommended food preparation guidelines that are listed on the package. All prepackaged food must be prepared on Campus. No food can be brought from home and re-warmed on campus. All sale or distribution of food must be in accordance with the College’s established food vendor contract and applicable college policies. All volunteers handling food should at all times wear gloves and maintain a clean environment.