Graduation Status Notification

Students who apply to graduate will be e-mailed one or more Graduation Status Notification emails during their expected graduation semester. 

Listed below are three types of Graduation Status Notification e-mails that a student will receive from the Office of the Registrar:

  • DO NOT MEET REQUIREMENTS: notification is sent to students as early as possible after they apply to graduate. This e-mail will be sent to the student and the division dean, or designee, to do what is required to be on target to graduate or to change their expected graduation semester, if necessary.  It is the student’s responsibility to reply to the e-mail once they take care of their pending requirement(s) or update their application information.   
  • PENDING REQUIREMENTS: notification is sent to all students who have applied to graduate who are on target pending successful completion of all coursework in progress in the term in which they applied. 
  • MEET REQUIREMENTSnotification is sent to all students who have applied to graduate who successfully completed of all coursework in a prior semester in which they applied.

Students who fail to apply to graduate will not receive a Graduation Status Notification email.