New to Teaching at Delgado

Welcome! We’re excited for you to begin teaching at Delgado Community College. The Instructional Technology, Support, and Professional Development (ITSPD) department is here to support you and your students. As the oldest and largest community college in Lousiana, we provide training, consultations, and resources designed to make teaching and learning more public and collaborative, so that every Delgado instructor experiences the satisfaction that results from teaching well, and every student develops the critical reflection that marks deep and independent learning.

New instructors are encouraged review the Faculty and Staff page in the Quick Links above. The Faculty and Staff web page can give valuable information on policies, procedures, etc. Faculty are encouraged to consult their respective department and division for questions. A full listing of catalogs and student handbooks can be found under the academic tab above. Faculty should review the Faculty Handbook to learn about faculty rank, job descriptions, policies, and expectations.
New courses are submitted to the Curriculum Committee  which meets regularly to approve courses for the fall and spring semesters. Ask your Department Chair or Division Dean for questions regarding course assignments and development of new courses.
The academic divisions asign all courses, classrooms, and offices. For questions about course locations and other division details, please see your Department Chair for information.
ITSPD provides suggestions for how to organize your course utilizing Delgado's resources and policies as well as the master syllabus template. You will likely find it helpful to consult the relevant academic calendar while planning your course.
As a new faculty member, you may be wondering where to begin when it comes to course materials and related logistics. Course materials are chosen by the division, deparment, and full time faculty in the subject area. Course materials are supplied to Delgado students using the Course Complete program. Plesae see your division chair for specific course material questions.  Visit the bookstore to answer additional questions about the availability of course materials.
For information on support resources available to students at Delgado including academic, mental health and wellness resources, visit the Student Services web page.