Fully Online Programs and Certificates

Online courses (section code W) are conducted 100% online. A fully online program or course is where all of the content is delivered online. Taking an online class offers many benefits, including the convenience of enrolling in a class from home, the opportunity to use advanced learning tools, and expanding your classroom from beyond the campus to anywhere with an Internet connection. Below is a list of our fully online program and certifricate options.

Please note that Delgado offers a variety of course types.  Virtual courses (section code V) are offered 100% online at a specific day/time assigned to each course where attendance is required - virtual courses are considered to be online and may be a requirement for a specific degree or certificate program (please contact the program if this is a concern). Hybrid (section code H) courses are conducted 50%-99% online. A hybrid program or course blends online and face-to-face delivery. Hybrid courses are not considered as part of a fully online program or certificate option.

Access the course catalog to find more information on courses and programs. 

Fully Online Degree Programs