Delgado Account Log-In Instructions

How to log-in to LoLA (Delgado’s online student portal)

Log-on Louisiana (LoLA) is the college’s enrollment system. You can use LoLA to register for classes, check your grades, view and pay fees, and complete other administrative tasks during your college experience.

  1. Access LoLA

  2. To find your username: Use the “find username” tool and answer the questions on-screen

  3. To find your password: Use the “find password” tool to create a new password 

When you first log-in to LoLA, spend time looking around at each link to get a better understanding of the features and tools available in LoLA.  

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How to log-in to Canvas 

Canvas is the learning management system used in almost all Delgado courses (both online and on-campus).

The direct link to Canvas is
*Bookmark the page for ease of access in the future.
*The log in information for Canvas is the same as LoLA credentials - *hint* username is usually firstnamelastname and password will have a minimum of 16 characters). 
Log into LoLA or change/reset your LoLA password.

Canvas is used to:

  • submit assignments.
  • take tests.
  • communicate with your fellow students and instructors.
  • and everything else related to your college courses.

Learning how to use Canvas is important because it will allow you to succeed in your courses, and learning how to use it well can make your experience as a student both easier and more meaningful. Click here to access a free, self-paced Canvas Student Orientation course to learn about its different features and tools.

Courses will be seen in Canvas on the first day of class.  If you do not see your course on the first day of class, please contact your instructor. You may find a list of faculty and staff in the campus directory. If you have any questions or issues, remember that the Canvas Support line is available 24/7/365 (chat, live, email).

Need help?

  • CANVAS SUPPORT HOTLINE 24x7x365 - call 844-408-6456
  • Email or call 504-671-5541

How to log-in to DCC Student Email

All Delgado students will are issued free email accounts. This account is used to communicate with your instructor, students, and Delgado support staff. You also use this account to access the College WI-FI network. 

How to find your Delgado email address (username).

  1. Log in to LoLA with your Delgado username and password.

  2. Select the “Student Resources” tab

  3. Look under “Personal Information” (far right of page) and select “Update Email Addresses”.

  4. Your Delgado username/e-mail address will be listed under “Campus Email Address”. 

How to log-in DCC student email for the first time

  • Visit the Delgado password page and enter your username.

  • Follow the prompts to answer your security questions.

  • Reset your password.

  • When the login box appears, enter your user name and password. Click OK.

    • Username: Your username for Delgado email is the first part of your e-mail address without “”

    • Follow the password complexity criteria.

How to reset DCC student email password/forgot password

  • Visit the Delgado password page and enter your username.

  • Follow the prompts to answer your security questions.

  • Reset your password.

  • If you are a student who previously activated your Delgado email, you have already changed your password.

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