Getting Started with Online Learning

Is distance learning right for me?

Delgado offers both hybrid and online courses. A hybrid course meets online and on campus. An online course is completed fully online.

Taking a class online is often a new experience for students. And with so many benefits to online learning, it can be a great opportunity to take advantage of 21st century online learning tools and the convenience of learning from anywhere with an internet connection.

However, while online learning is meaningful and rewarding for some, other students prefer to take classes that meet on campus.

Am I ready to take an online class?

The following surveys will help you to start thinking about if online learning is right for you:

  • Not sure if you have the computer skills needed to succeed online? Try the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments as a way to measure your digital skills. We recommend Modules #1, #2, #3, and #4. Students that pass those assessments are usually digitally prepared to succeed in an online class.
  • The Online Readiness Quiz will help you to think about the differences between online and on-campus classes and to figure which is a better option for you
  • The SmarterMeasure Assessment is an assessment that measures learner readiness SmarterMeasure is fun. SmarterMeasure is being provided throughout the state of Louisiana to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses as you prepare to learn online.

Succeeding in an online class

Here are a few tips to help you succeed in your online and hybrid courses:

  • Build a study schedule – there are still due dates in online and hybrid courses, so create a weekly study schedule (just like a class or work schedule) and stick to it throughout the semester
  • Use computer labs – if you don’t have a reliable computer to use at home, budget time to come to campus to use any of Delgado’s computer labs. The New Orleans Public Libraries and some local coffee shops also offer free computer access and WiFi.
  • Get your Student ID – online and hybrid students are Delgado students, so be sure to get your ID card which you can use to access libraries, computer labs, and for other resources around campus and online!
  • Check your email often – Online students and instructors interact often through email, so get in the habit of checking your Delgado inbox daily to stay current on course updates, due dates, and class resources; you can also sync your Delgado email on your iOS and Android devices!
  • Get familiar with Canvas – Delgado’s learning management system is used to submit assignments, take quizzes, and interact with your classmates and instructor; there are many great features that will help you succeed online, in hybrid, or on campus classes. Access the free Canvas Student Orientation course.

Finding online classes in the course catalog

You can also find online courses directly in the course catalog. Directions to using the catalog to find online classes and the link to the course catalog can be found on the Delgado Online home page.