Tips for those leading Synchronous lectures via conference tools

  • Guided lecture experience: Provide skeletal or partial notes for students to complete while listening
  • Reflection: post a quiz to be completed after the lecture as an opportunity for students to review and reinforce the information for better retention
  • Continue the conversation: use a discussion forum for students to continue the lecture and in which to ask clarifying questions. 

Before the conference session

  • Make sure your meeting time, date, and link are in the course syllabus and/or calendar.
  • Send a reminder a day before the first meeting and the morning of.
  • Give students a reason to attend. What’s in it for them?
  • Login at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting. If you will step away, post a slide stating the start time and lecture so they know that they are in the correct room.
  • Turn off email and messaging apps prior to sharing your screen.

Lecture format

  • Start on time
  • Use live closed captioning, if possible
  • Start recording
  • Announce and mute everyone
  • Welcome slide
  • About last lecture/meeting
  • Today’s agenda
  • Post polls or ask questions during the lecture
  • Use visuals the support the content (not distract)
  • What do they need to do next? Homework, quiz, paper, etc. & due dates
  • Wrap-up/summary
  • About the next lecture (promo)

 7 Tips for getting the most out of your Zoom meetings:

 How to prevent Zoom bombing

  • Never use your personal meeting ID. Each Zoom user has a personal meeting ID—think of it as your Zoom phone number. ...
  • Always use a meeting password. ...
  • Use Zoom's waiting room feature. ...
  • Mute audio and disable video for meeting attendees. ...
  • Turn off screen sharing for everyone but the meeting host/co host.